Traditional Ceilidh with Peace Works

[“TH1”] Friday 19:30, town hall
tickets – programme

Come along and enjoy dancing a range of traditional dances in lines, sets and circles to their polkas, jigs and reels, with a couple of additional Celtic tunes thrown in for good measure between dances.

“Peace Works” is a local Ceilidh band who has been playing together for many years for community events and to raise funds for charities dear to their hearts. They have gathered a large collection of tunes and dances, mostly from the Celtic tradition, including many of the Ceilidh favourites and a few lesser known gems.

Jim Ledwidge leads the band on piano accordion and your main caller will be Rosie Benton.

Ceilidh video from the 1st Dance Festival [may need some time to load]

5Rhythms with Francis

[“MC1”] friday 19:30, methodist churchtickets – programme

5Rhythms is a simple but profound movement meditation practice designed to release the free, spontaneous dancer that lives in every body regardless of it’s limitations or experience. Rather than having steps to learn each rhythms provides us with a different energy field in which you arrive into your own unique embodiment and expression, thereby stretching and releasing your imagination as well as your body.

In this session we will dance alone, with partners and as a group because in life these 3 levels of relating exist. We allow movement and breath rather than thinking to be the medicine that moves us into an increasingly easier relationship with all of life

Francis has been teaching 5Rhythms since completing his training with Gabrielle Roth in 2005.
He teaches every Monday evening at the Methodist Church in Hebden Bridge from 7.15pm to 9.30.

More info: 5Rhythms , Return to innocence

friday 19:30, methodist church

Circle Dance Around The World with Sophia Hatch

[“TH4“] Saturday 4pm, town hall – tickets – programme

I came across Circle Dance at Findhorn Foundation over 30yrs ago when I was looking for healing and I was immediately hooked! I then trained there and started teaching, sowing many seeds of the dance in the North of England making Circe Dance my vocation and living. I teach regular local groups as well as days/weekends and weeks.

This session I will teach a variety of simple dances from around the world – both traditional and recent. Some will be lively and upbeat and others gentle or meditative. The music is equally eclectic / worldwide from Bob Marley to Bach! – So maybe we have a dance from the Shetland Isles / South Africa / Bolivia / Bulgaria / East European Gipsy / a meditational dance with music by Ravi Shankar with words that are a peace mantra. There are thousands of dances and moods! Some dances are very ancient and others recently choreographed.

The aim is about creating JOY, UNITY ,COMMUNITY, RAISING ENERGY and PEACE .


You DON’T need a partner and NO experience needed. Children are welcome but must come accompanied by an adult and be wanting to give it a go! Barefoot or flat soft shoes. Wear layers so you can peel off and on as you feel! Bring some water and an open mind and heart! Feel free to contact me if you have any queries;

Collegiate Shag with Malte and Grace, Manshagster

[“TH5“] Saturday 7.30pm, town hall  – tickets – programme

Collegiate Shag (or just “Shag”) is a partnered uptempo Swing dance 
originating from the beginning of the swing era in the 1920s. It is
usually danced to faster (180-220 bpm) swing, pre-swing and jazz music.
 Collegiate Shag had a worldwide revival in the last few years, from
 only a few enthusiasts dancing Shag to a wide phenomenon within British
 and many European swing dance scenes.
 Sometimes fast, sometimes silly, and always a funny dance, Collegiate
 Shag is sometimes referred to as the “Happy Dance”.

Malte and Georgie started weekly Collegiate Shag classes in Manchester 
in January under the name Manshagster.
 Malte started partnered dancing in 2009 and went through various styles 
and different music, before he fell in love with Swing dances a few 
years ago because he liked the openness of the people and the amount of
 expression that jazz music makes possible. Among the swing dances, 
Collegiate Shag is his favourite for the amount of energy, foolishness,
 and musicality it allows. 
Georgie fell in love with Shag on the first night. Having explored a
 few swing dances, Collegiate Shag is her absolute favourite, and she 
can equally be found on dance floors across the country, always smiling, 
with her camera, and up for a Shag-related joke.
PS: Georgie can’t come, so Malte will teach with Grace

Facebook: Manshagster

The first link is a video of the “original” Collegiate Shag, the second
link is a dance performance:

Biodanza with Noel Watkins

Biodanza Noel[“MC2”] Saturday 11am, Methodist Church   – tickets – programme

Biodanza (dance of life) is a system of human integration (practiced in 53 countries around the world) originally devised in Chile, south America by Rolando Toro Areneda. It uses an eclectic range of music, exercises, dances and group encounter to help us access our emotions (especially our joy) and to be fully in the moment (the vivencia). The sessions stimulate the five lines within us which need to be fully expressed so that we can achieve our true potential and be truly happy. These five lines are vitality, creativity, affectivity, sexuality and transcendence.
A session (vivencia) provides us with a complete work out and relaxation programme for body, mind and soul

Noel Watkins – Biodanza

Noel Watkins is West Yorkshire’s only fully trained Biodanza facilitator and one of only a handful of individuals qualified to train others to be teachers. He is an engaging storyteller and has over 25 years teaching experience in mainstream primary education. He is very passionate about helping others realise their full potential and is committed to the creative process in building sustainable communities of the future.

Nia with Julia Wilson

[“MC4“] Saturday 4pm,  methodist church  – tickets – programme

Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia tones your body while transforming your mind. More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic fitness practice which invites you to move your body’s way to feel joyful, relaxed and alive. Our dance session will combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts, it is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities.

During my first Nia class I smiled inside from my core! Over the last 8 years it’s been my weekly anchor and brought a lightness and so much fun to my life.

I teach public classes in Hebden Bridge, and it’s a real privilege to offer a weekly class to teachers in a Halifax school on a Friday to help them shake their week out!
Here is a new video describing Nia dance:

Facebook: Niabarefootdancewithjulia

Middle Eastern Dance with Anne Kingston

[“MC3“] Saturday 1:30pm, methodist church – tickets – programme

I have been dancing since the age of 3, ballet in those days (and asked to leave as I was too wild!)  To me dancing is an expression of individuality but can also be very much about the collective (as with folk/group/circle dances). 

With Middle Eastern dance, there is the opportunity to express the aspects of life that connect us to each other, to nature and ultimately to joy.  It offers direct response to how the music moves the individual, a mixture of spontaneity and discipline, an interplay of dark and light, sharp and soft, fast and slow.

My workshops and performances have a strong emphasis on pleasure – fun, laughter, enjoyment, learning, healing and mutual support and encouragement.  When we dance together we connect in an honest natural way, we realise the beauty that shines through all of us. We realise that we all breath the same air, share the same emotions and have a common destiny.

As well as teaching Middle Eastern dance throughout the UK for over 20 years Anne also organises trips to the Moroccan Sahara and other areas of Morocco, for dancers, musicians and anyone who wants an adventure. 

Find out more about Anne and her adventures at or find her on Facebook annekingston22.

Appalachian Beginners with Fiddle ‘n Feet

{“TH8“] sunday 1:30, townhall  – tickets – programme

Fiddle ‘n Feet are a mixed Appalachian dance team formed over 15 years ago. 
We currently have 10 dancers and 5 musicians and practice in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

We choreograph our own dances which are lively and energetic consisting of traditional Appalachian dance steps from the Appalachian mountains of America.  Our musicians play old-time and bluegrass fiddle tunes.

We perform at festivals, dance and charity events mainly in Yorkshire and Lancashire and sometimes further afield.

Anyone wishing to join our workshop will be required to wear hard soled shoes or tap shoes. No experience necessary.  Complete beginners welcome. 

Our workshop will consist of a performance of one of our dances.  We will teach simple Appalachian steps from this dance which hopefully at the end of the workshop we will all perform.  The musicians play old time and bluegrass fiddle tunes.

Our website is

Argentine Tango with Dickson Shumba

[“TH9“] sunday 4pm, townhall – book here
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Experienced Teacher, Dickson Shumba, learnt the Argentine tango from a variety of teachers, prominent Argentineans and others. Dickson runs Argentine Tango Lessons, Milongas and Practicas in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.  Dickson’s classes are friendly and welcoming.  Dickson has a big collection of music and plays mostly Traditional Argentine Tango Music in Tandas of Three or Four. Tanda format TTVTTM punctuated with occasional tanda of what the dancers request.

Dickson’s website is

Welcome to the 2nd Hebden Bridge dance Festival, October 20-22

The 2nd Hebden Bridge dance festival will take place in 4 venues in Hebden Bridge. Please click on the links to learn more about the workshops. Or you can download our programme here

Friday 20th October

Town Hall, Waterfront

7:30pm – 9:45pm: Traditional Ceilidh with “Peace Works”

Methodist Church Hall

7:30pm – 9:30pm: Five Rhythms with Francis

Saturday 21st October

Town Hall, Waterfront

11:00: Morris dancing workshop with Persephone

13.30: Jive Class 40s/50s with Sue Aldham

16:00: Around The World with Sophia Hatch

19.30: Collegiate Shag with Malte and Georgie

21:00: Disco: dance for life with Roger King

Methodist Church Hall

11:00: ?

13.30: Middle Eastern Dance (afternoon) with Anne Kingston

16:00: Nia – Dance, martial arts & mindfulness with Julia Wilson

19.30: Collegiate Shag with Malte and Georgie

Yoga Centre

11:00: Whirling Dance & Freedom with Alileau Alileau

13.30: Natraj dance Meditation with Madhuri

16:00: Liberate the inner dancer with Tim Gibbons

19.30: Collegiate Shag with Malte and Georgie

Riverside School

11:00: Dancing Puppets building & painting for kids Mike

13.30: DanceSyndrome – Everybody Dance

16:00: Little Rascals creative Dance Theatre with Anna H

19.30: Dances of Universal Peace with Mo’unisa (Vitalija) & Ralph

Sunday 22nd Ocober

Town Hall, Waterfront

11:00: Long Sword Dance workshop by Ryburn LSD group

13.30: Appalachian Beginners w’shop with “Fiddle ‘n’ Feet”

16:00: Argentine Tango with Dickson Shumba

19.30: Breton & French Dances

Methodist Church Hall

13.30: Northern Rascals  workshop with Anna Holmes

16:00: Morris dance workshop  with “Stone the Crows Border Morris

19.30: Tammurriata – Southern Italian dance workshop with Filomena Ianni

Riverside School

11:00: Dance for all dance workshop for people with learning disability with Natalie Speake

13.30: Seated Dance for All with Natalie Speake

16:00: Moving Human Sculptures “Images of War and Peace” families with Bill Harpe


Festival Venues – and visiting Hebden Bridge

Please arrive 10-15 mins before the start of the event to avoid delays.
The Town Hall (“TH”) is our main venue and Festival Hub of the festival, where you can get tickets, information, food and drinks.

Festival hub info desk will be open:
Friday 6pm-8pm Saturday 10am:30-5:30pm Sunday 10:30am-5:30pm.
The Festival Café will be open all weekend – see below.

The venues of the Dance Festival (from north to south):

Calderdale Yoga Centre [CY]

The hall is about 6m x 7m big, located on the 1st floor. No shoes please.
Address: Unit 2, Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DD
(on the right side, upper end of Hangingroyd Lane, above the tattoo shop)
Car parking: pay & display on the roads until 6pm

Combined Arts [CA]

This venue is only used on Saturday morning 11am for the ‘Little Rascals’ workshop.
Address: Valley
Road (1st floor, above the ‘Antiques Centre’), Suite 4, Unit 8 Pennine Industrial Park,  HX7 7BZ
(just past Shepherd’s Garage and the Gymn on the right)

Town Hall, Waterfront [TH]

The Town Hall with café and terrace will be our festival hub.
The Waterfront Hall is about 11m x 12 m big. Wheelchair access from the main entrance via lift (from level 1 to level 0)
Address:  St. George’s Street,  Hebden Bridge, HX7 7BY
Pay & display car parking on streets and car parks opposite (they are usually full)

The Festival hub info desk will be open Friday 6pm-8pm,
Saturday 10:30-5:30pm & Sunday 10:30-5:30pm.

Town Hall – Festival Café

You are invited to use the Festival Café to eat, drink and meet other dancers and dance leaders.
The café will serve proper food as well as the usual drinks and treats. Water is supplied for free.
The terrace is adjoining to the café facing the river, inviting dancers to use it in the programme breaks.

Café Opening Times:
Fri 20th Oct
: Food available from 8.30am-7pm, drinks until 9pm
Sat 21st Oct: Food available from 9am -7pm, drinks until 10pm
Sun 22nd Oct: Food available from 10am – 7pm, drinks until 9pm

The Methodist Church hall [MC]

Please note: strictly no alcoholic drinks in the premises!
This ground floor hall has a wooden floor and a little stage. the seize is about 11m x 7m.
There is a ramp giving ease of access for anyone with a disability, particularly wheelchair users, directly to the hall. The church will serve drinks for a small fee.
AddressMethodist Church, Market Street / Hebble End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8EU (opposite the Co-Op).
There’s free car parking for about 12 cars on the premises.

Riverside School Community Room [RS]

This hall was newly refurbished in September 2016.
Seize: 12m x 6m, ground floor. Wheelchair accessible.
Free car parking behind the school (drive entrance opposite the post office – you will need a key fob from us to gain access)
Address: Holme Street (at the very end of the street, left entrance opp. the Little Theatre, next to the canal), Hebden Bridge HX7 8EE


Center map
Visiting Hebden Bridge


We recommend to come by public transport – our venues are within 5-10 walking distance from the station.
Please bring some time to explore over 50 pubs, cafes, tea rooms & restaurants and amazing unique and quirky shops.

What’s on in Hebden Bridge:
hebden diary

VisitHebden Bridge Visitor Centre

There are excellent train links to Manchester-Victoria, Leeds,  Bradford and Preston, and all trains stop here.

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