The 2nd Hebden Bridge Dance festival will take place in 5 venues in Hebden Bridge.
Programme overview image below – links to events details see listing further down.
Our colour print programme (A3, double sided) is at the end of this page below.

Updates &  Cancellations:Whirling Dance” [YC2] & “Qigong/Chi Kung” [RS4] are cancelled, as Alileau missed his flight from France.
Collegiate Shag cancelled & Disco moved forward due to flood warning. The Sunday programme will continue as normal See News Updates

Please click on the links below to learn more about each workshop.
Each dance event lasts 90 minutes (unless stated differently).

Notice: we may take photos or videos during the dance festival (for our own PR).
If you don’t like this, please tell the person on the door.

Friday 20th October
Town Hall, Waterfront [TH]:

19:30 – 21:45: Traditional Ceilidh with “Peace Works [TH1]

Methodist Church Hall [MC]:

19:30 – 21:30: Five Rhythms with Francis  [MC1]

Saturday 21st October
Town Hall, Waterfront [TH]:

11:00: North West Morris workshop with Persephone  [TH2]
13:30: Jive Class 40s/50s with Sue Aldham  [TH3]
16:00: Circle Dance Around The World with Sophia Hatch  [TH4]
19:30: Collegiate Shag with Malte & Grace  [TH5]
21:00 – 23:00: Disco – dance for life with Roger King  [TH6]

Methodist Church Hall [MC]:

11:00: Biodanza with Noel Watkins  [MC2]
13:30: Middle Eastern Dance with Anne Kingston [MC3]
16:00: Nia – Dance, martial arts & mindfulness with Julia Wilson [MC4]

Yoga Centre [YC]:

11:00: CANCELLED !  Whirling Dance & Freedom with Alileau Alileau  [YC2]  See News Update
13:30: Nataraj dance Meditation with Madhuri [YC3]
16:00: Clowning: liberate the inner dancer with Tim Gibbons [YC4]

‘Combined Arts’ [CA]

11:00: Little Rascals Creative Dance Theatre for kids  [CA2]

Riverside School [RS]:

13:30: DanceSyndrome – Everybody Dance  [RS3]
16:00: CANCELLED !  Qigong / Chi Kung with Alileau (France) [RS4]   See News Update
19:30: Dances of Universal Peace with Mo’unisa (Vitalija) & Ralph [RS5]

Sunday 22nd Ocober
Town Hall, Waterfront [TH]:

11:00: Longsword Dance workshop by Ryburn LSD group  [TH7]
13:30: Appalachian Beginners w’shop with “Fiddle ‘n’ Feet”  [TH8]
16:00: Argentine Tango with Dickson Shumba [TH9]
19:30 – 21:45:  Les Panards Dansants, dancers & band (Breton & French Dancing) [TH10]

Methodist Church Hall [MC]:

13:30: Northern Rascals workshop with Anna Holmes  [MC8]
16:00: Tammurriata – Southern Italian Dance workshop with Filomena Ianni [MC9]

Riverside School [RS]:

11:00 – 12:00: Dance for All – dance workshop for people with learning disabilities with Natalie Speake  [RS7]
13:30: Seated Dance for All with Natalie Speake [RS8]
16:00: Moving Human Sculptures “Images of War and Peace” families with Bill Harpe [RS9]

Don’t know what to choose? Relax in our Dance Festival Café in the Town Hall

Our A3 Print Programme: (can be folded into 8 A5 pages)