Welcome to the 2nd Hebden Bridge dance Festival, October 20-22

The 2nd Hebden Bridge dance festival will take place in 4 venues in Hebden Bridge. Please click on the links to learn more about the workshops. Or you can download our programme here

Friday 20th October

Town Hall, Waterfront

7:30pm – 9:45pm: Traditional Ceilidh with “Peace Works”

Methodist Church Hall

7:30pm – 9:30pm: Five Rhythms with Francis

Saturday 21st October

Town Hall, Waterfront

11:00: Morris dancing workshop with Persephone

13.30: Jive Class 40s/50s with Sue Aldham

16:00: Around The World with Sophia Hatch

19.30: Collegiate Shag with Malte and Georgie

21:00: Disco: dance for life with Roger King

Methodist Church Hall

11:00: ?

13.30: Middle Eastern Dance (afternoon) with Anne Kingston

16:00: Nia – Dance, martial arts & mindfulness with Julia Wilson

19.30: Collegiate Shag with Malte and Georgie

Yoga Centre

11:00: Whirling Dance & Freedom with Alileau Alileau

13.30: Natraj dance Meditation with Madhuri

16:00: Liberate the inner dancer with Tim Gibbons

19.30: Collegiate Shag with Malte and Georgie

Riverside School

11:00: Dancing Puppets building & painting for kids Mike

13.30: DanceSyndrome – Everybody Dance

16:00: Little Rascals creative Dance Theatre with Anna H

19.30: Dances of Universal Peace with Mo’unisa (Vitalija) & Ralph

Sunday 22nd Ocober

Town Hall, Waterfront

11:00: Long Sword Dance workshop by Ryburn LSD group

13.30: Appalachian Beginners w’shop with “Fiddle ‘n’ Feet”

16:00: Argentine Tango with Dickson Shumba

19.30: Breton & French Dances

Methodist Church Hall

13.30: Northern Rascals  workshop with Anna Holmes

16:00: Morris dance workshop  with “Stone the Crows Border Morris

19.30: Tammurriata – Southern Italian dance workshop with Filomena Ianni

Riverside School

11:00: Dance for all dance workshop for people with learning disability with Natalie Speake

13.30: Seated Dance for All with Natalie Speake

16:00: Moving Human Sculptures “Images of War and Peace” families with Bill Harpe