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Our vision:
We feel… dance moves us in mysterious and wonderful ways,

towards healing and transformation, joy and oneness
within ourselves and with others…

Come sample many different dance forms
to find which moves YOU…

We invite you to join us… it may change your LIFE!

After the success of the festival launch in October 2016, we’re inviting you back to participate in the vibrant array of classes, workshops and events that our programme has in store 20 – 22 October 2017!


Dancing is poetic whispering of the soulWe welcome anyone of any age and experience to come along and try something new.

From Argentine Tango to Morris dancing and Whirling Dance,
we have 26 DIFFERENT dance events in 5 venues, all on ONE weekend in Hebden Bridge! 

See more on our programme overview and
all event / workshop details
…and pop round in our Festival Cafe this weekend

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Below are some short inspiring videos – enjoy watching!


On Sunday 15h October 2017 1pm, a flash mob surprised Hebden Bridge tourists and locals, raising awareness about the 2nd Hebden Bridge Dance Festival:

“Don’t let technical failures stop you dancing!”


The world does a turn! This video perfectly sums up what our dance festival is about – enjoy watching:

Now it’s your turn.

Flash mob video above, promoting our 1st Hebden Bridge Dance Festival

This Hebden Bridge Dance Festival is all about sharing the joy of dancing and also the special feeling of participating in this festival.

Having fun at the ceilidh at the 1st Dance Festival:

2 minute video about why we are here – and the power of dance.
“We began with rhythm. From the beating of our mother’s heart to the first kick in our mother’s womb.  We were born to move. 
‘We Came To Dance’ combines this rhythm that we all share, with the rhythm of music, dance and an epic piece of spoken word” [produced by New York based Tasha Blank]

Dancing at the after party at 1st Dance Festival, Sun 9 Oct 2016 at the Trades Club:


We are very grateful for the Festivals and Events Fund grant we received from the Calderdale Council for our 2nd Dance Festival in 2017

We give thanks to:

  • David Burnop, who created our logo in 2016,
  • Vitalija Zelenevska, who layouted our posters in 2016
  • Gina from who created the 1017 posters and print programme
  • Hebden Folk Roots Festival, who promoted our festival in their May 2017 programme
  • Sophia, our circle dancing secretary (been working her socks off for us!)
  • Terry Vergos, our treasurer, who also set up this web site
  • Hannah for co-ordinating the volunteers
  • John for becoming deputy treasurer
  • all the volunteers, without whom the festival would not have happened
  • and many others who dropped in and out to help us with many tasks
  • …and finally the chair Ralph Nimmann, who started this festival in spring 2016, and who managed to steer the team through organisational obstacles and waves of human emotions; Ralph’s main passion are the Dances of Universal Peace, which he will be sharing at this festival.